bridal 2020

hi! and welcome. If you are browsing my bridal link a HUGE “C o n g r a t s” is in store! I can’t wait to hear more about your BIG Day > let the planning commence “w o o h o o”!

Bridal has been a part of my Artistry since the very beginning (circa 2009) . After owning and operating a Bridal Agency in Orange County during my years in California an opportunity for agency representation drew me right back to the Midwest and closer to my stomping grounds of SoDak! I was part of the #1 Wedding Agency in the Midwest, after crawling to the 2nd most requested artist in Minneapolis I had painted my fair share of beautiful faces in the bridal biz. Soon after, my sweet first born iron-man, MJ, was born too soon @ 26 weeks while visiting home … after some major life decisions for him, I chose to create what I now know as the beautiful life we share here in South Dakota with my soon-to-be hubby, Eric + 2nd son, Bishop! One thing I know to be true is the importance of decisions. The decision you make to spend your life with your                         “f o r e v e r” is to be cherished + the decisions you share as you plan your wedding day should be perfectly knit for you both. Considering the day is all about you + yours choosing a hair + makeup artist key to making you feel your best for your day of bliss. I would love the opportunity to work with Y O U + your bride tribe, mothers, grandmothers, and whoever decides to jump on board! I am a Licensed + Certified artist who specializes in Airbrush Foundation Application, a very sought after, buildable + effortless + water-resistant application. If you think this might be the fit for you, great! Let’s Chat! Please fill out the Form at the bottom of this Page to check availability.