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| microblading + permanent makeup + skin therapy |

              in studio + on location

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oh, H E Y !

If you’ve landed on this page than your inner diva/o/ is screaming for a service at NIRVANA Studio or at least curiosity has struck. You know what they say about curiosity, so my best personal advice =                                                                         “dive R I G H T in” !

I’m SabreenaFrances, a Licensed Tattoo Artist that specializes in the Art of everything Eyebrows! As the Pioneer of Microblading in South Dakota,  I specialize in multiple brow tattooing techniques and am determined to get you what you deserve while best suiting you and your skin to achieve pure perfection. Permanent Eyeliner + Lash Enhancement Tattoos are favorites at NIRVANA Studio and the sultry art of Lip Blushing is another staple service done at here at NIRVANA. New services are coming in 2020 so be sure to stay tuned! After bringing this art to South Dakota in 2016, I am proud to be among those leading the Midwest Permanent Cosmetic Industry and am constantly working on taking it to a whole new level!