microblading + pmu

The origin of permanent eyebrow makeup originates as early as the days of Cleopatra. Thank    G O o D ness we are way beyond the dawn of those ages! The art of permanent makeup is constantly changing as the industry is always uncovering better techniques, stronger tools, and more education on each service as the years pass. I value my education and invest consistently in bettering my techniques, my tools, and my trade for Y O U. I love my clients like I love Cadbury eggs on Easter Morning, Afternoon + Evening, that being said I only want to offer you the best of myself and my work. After Pioneering the trade of Microblading in South Dakota just over 3 years ago I uncovered my raw and burning love for the permanent cosmetic industry        ( which is only fitting since my day job is a kicka$$ makeup artist, skin therapist and makeup-everything guru). I have been painting faces since 2009 and the art of cosmetic tattooing, though different than traditional makeup, is similar in all the appropriate aspects. We focus on creating symmetry, balance, and a ‘better’ canvas than what we started with. If you have been looking for new Brows, Eyeliner, Lip Blushing, Scalp Pigmentation … you name it,

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